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Best Construction Accounting Software

As the construction industry continues to evolve, construction firms need to have an efficient and reliable accounting software system. With numerous construction accounting software options available, choosing the best one can be a daunting task. Start a search online to find the best construction accounting software, based on features, user-friendliness, customer service, and price!

Sage Accounting

Sage 300 CRE is a well-known accounting software tool with a strong track record that caters to midsize and large construction firms with complex financial management needs. The software offers many features including sophisticated accounting tools and reports for job costing, payroll and HR, billing and invoicing, estimating, document management, project management, business intelligence, and service management. Its reporting and business intelligence features are highly valued with over 1,400 prebuilt report formats and extensive customization options.

Some users have reported that certain modules feel outdated or unintuitive, and the software may be difficult to navigate due to the complexity of its features. Additionally, it is only available as an on-premise solution, which may not be preferred by businesses looking for cloud-based products. Another downfall is its high price which may not be affordable for smaller companies.

QuickBooks for Construction

QuickBooks for Construction offers an automated, more streamlined process instead of outsourcing or manual handling of payroll. It is a software program designed to handle complex tasks such as tracking employees’ hours, ensuring independent and subcontractor compliance, and managing tax documents. Customers can subscribe to the program at a cost of either $85 or $200 per month, depending on their specific needs.

While QuickBooks for Construction has various features beyond payroll management, its payroll add-ons are particularly convenient. The software can track compliance documents, including W-9s and 1099s, enabling users to export tax documents quickly. Although there is no demo or trial period, they provide a wide range of user resources and live support. Additionally, the program integrates with many other software programs, allowing users to keep their current tools while streamlining their accounting.

Jonas Premier

Jonas Premier is a comprehensive cloud-based construction accounting software that offers a wealth of features to help scale your business. Its user-friendly platform allows you to manage multiple companies and projects with ease, providing real-time estimates and forecasting for effective job costing. Jonas Premier also includes budget management tools that allow for quick changes to budget and change order requests.

With a customizable dashboard, you can manage all aspects of project management, including compliance and overdue items, and store all necessary documents in the cloud-based storage tool. While Jonas Premier offers excellent customer support and simple workflows, some users may find the inventory setup challenging.


CMiC is a versatile construction accounting and financial management software that covers a wide range of business needs. Its functionalities for accounting, project management, human capital, and field management make it an all-around software solution for any construction business. With its ability to combine all business data into a single database, CMiC provides users with comprehensive and sophisticated reports that help minimize potential risks and shed light on project costs.

However, CMiC has some limitations such as occasional slowness and a time-consuming setup and initial training. However, it remains an excellent solution for those looking for robust accounting and financial management tools. It’s also has enterprise features for project and asset management. CMiC is available as a cloud-based and on-premise solution, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes.


CoConstruct’s four-part software platform is designed to assist with managing an unlimited number of construction projects. The software platform offers a pre-construction component with a cost catalog, lead management, and a section for proposals and contracts. In addition to this, they have standard estimating tools to help secure the job. Once past the pre-construction phase, users can move to the project management, operations, and financial segments that all work concurrently. This offers a task manager and job log, scheduling tools, and a time clock for employees and subcontractors.

The operations segment allows for file and photo management, and managing emails directly from the platform. The financials section includes bid management, change orders, and purchase orders (POs), along with the ability to invoice and make direct payments. QuickBooks integration is also available. CoConstruct’s software has several pros, including useful estimating tools, a centralized job tracking feature, and good customer support. However, the software can overcomplicate simple tasks such as invoicing, and there is no centralized dashboard for users.

Start a Search

If you’re looking to better manage your construction company’s finances, a tailored software solution could be the key to a more efficient, faster growing business. Start a search today to learn more about your software options and discover what they have to offer you today!