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Best Places to Buy Real Estate Leads in 2023

In the dynamic world of real estate, finding reliable sources of high-quality leads is crucial. Now more than ever, the quest for the best places to buy real estate leads becomes increasingly important. This is why we’re exploring the top destinations to acquire real estate leads. We offer invaluable insights into platforms and services that have proven their effectiveness. From exclusive lead generation providers to innovative digital marketing strategies, we uncover the key players that can connect agents with motivated buyers and sellers. To learn more about where to buy real estate leads, continue searching online.

Market Leader

Market Leader employs a strategic approach by leveraging well-placed ads on popular platforms to drive targeted traffic. According to The Close, they target two key destinations: a dedicated home valuation page tailored for seller leads and a personally branded landing page equipped with IDX search functionality to cater to potential buyers. In order to access the valuable tools and resources offered on these pages, visitors are prompted to provide their contact information. Later, this information is shared with the real estate professional.

The Close also points out that Market Leader distinguishes itself through a crucial advantage which is guaranteed lead volume. An investment in Market Leader’s services assures a minimum number of leads, meaning a consistent flow of potential clients. The simplicity of this approach underscores Market Leader’s commitment to delivering tangible results and being a reliable partner.


Forbes calls REDX’s approach distinctive as they grant agents access to a diverse range of leads. This range of leads includes expired listings, geo-based leads, FSBO leads, and pre-foreclosure leads. It achieves this by curating publicly available data from listings within your specific area. Also, because REDX focuses on leads that aren’t actively looking, they may require more effort to convert. However, for those who possess persuasive skills, this presents a ripe opportunity to tap into lesser-known segments.

To ensure compliance with regulations, REDX ensures all leads are not on the Do Not Call list, notes Forbes. As a result, agents may reach out without breaking any laws. Additionally, all leads are seamlessly integrated into REDX’s CRM platform called Vortex. This comprehensive solution equips you with custom scripts, empowering you with the precise dialogue needed to handle challenging customers effectively.

Zillow Premier Agent

Zillow capitalizes on its extensive reach to fuel Zillow Premier Agent‘s lead generation. Unlike other platforms that offer direct contact information for purchased leads, Forbes notes that Zillow Premier Agent operates differently. Through Zillow Premier Agent, agents are promoted on individual listing pages which allows potential customers to initiate contact. This exclusive feature, known as My Agent, ensures that you are the sole agent visible to the customer on the site for 30 days.

Each showcase advertising page on Zillow can accommodate up to three agents, notes Forbes. This means that if one operates in a ZIP code with limited competition, you enjoy constant visibility. However, in more saturated markets, investing in advertising becomes essential to secure prominent placement. Upon successfully connecting with a client, Forbes explains that the Zillow CRM system equips agents with valuable tools (i.e. reminders, customized notes, and access to saved homes) that facilitate efficient communications and streamlined management.


Offrs has an impressive suite of online home evaluation tools and predictive capabilities, which effectively convert potential home sellers into valuable leads. It also offers a user-friendly built-in CRM system that facilitates efficient lead management, notes The Balance. New clients can schedule a 30-minute session with a specialist to gain comprehensive insights into the company. This includes their pricing structure and the process of setting up a lead generation system and associated apps.

Additionally, The Balance points out that Offrs caters to the specific needs of brokerages by offering customizable options that include agent rollout and dedicated apps for each agent. Some key advantages the source highlights are their ability to predict potential leads among home sellers, its built-in CRM for effective lead tracking, and access to for sale by owner leads. On the downside, it is essential to acknowledge that a subset of clients has raised concerns about the quality of leads provided by the platform.


Zurple excels in generating leads through community-specific buyer and seller landing pages, meticulously crafted to capture lead information. Their well-designed landing pages entice prospects by offering home valuations or IDX searches in exchange for contact details, explains The Close. What sets Zurple even further apart is its robust advertising efforts which are exceptionally effective at driving traffic.

Zurple’s differentiating factor lies in its exceptional analytics and automation capabilities. By leveraging advanced behavior reports, the source notes that Zurple provides comprehensive insights into visitors’ activities on lead magnet pages. This includes detailed lists of the properties they are exploring and alerts for behavioral cues. They also have an array of automated communication tools, says The Close. One example is drip campaigns which ensure that clients receive timely and impactful interactions at the most opportune moments.


BoldLeads stands out for providing real estate agents with exclusive leads, encompassing both buyer and seller leads. Alongside this, The Balance writes that customers benefit from comprehensive support and training to swiftly familiarize themselves with the system and kickstart their operations. They implement targeted ad campaigns across prominent platforms, enticing potential customers to click on ads and redirect them to personalized websites. It is on these websites that customers willingly provide their contact information, which then goes to local agents.

Agents can efficiently communicate and manage their new leads through the platform’s built-in CRM functionality, notes the source. To aid agents in harnessing the full potential of the platform, BoldLeads offers robust customer support, training, coaching, and a library of instructional videos. The company further caters to diverse needs by offering three tiers of service: Lite, Professional, and Advanced.