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Meal Delivery Services That Can Help You Lose Weight

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In the pursuit of weight loss, finding the right balance between convenience, nutrition, and flavor can be a challenge. However, meal delivery services have emerged as a game-changer, offering a solution that combines the ease of pre-prepared meals with the benefits of a well-rounded and calorie-conscious diet. To help narrow down where to start, we’ve complied a list of the top 6 meal delivery services for weight loss. Start a search online today to find the right option for you!


Factor is a convenient meal subscription service that fully prepares and delivers, nutrient-rich meals right to your doorstep. Healthline highlights that Factor also offers personal support from a registered dietitian to further promote healthy eating habits for sustainable weight loss. Included in the subscription is a 20-minute consult with a dietitian and optional monthly coaching packages for an extra fee.

Depending on the plan, meals range from 350 to 900 calories per serving. For those who calorie-conscious, Healthline explains that Factor offers a Calorie Smart meal plan. This features options with fewer than 550 calories per serving to help meet calorie deficit goals. Additionally, they provide nutritional information for each item, and some meals can be found on nutrition tracking apps like MyFitnessPal.


BistroMD takes pride in its strong emphasis on weight loss, offering meal plans expertly crafted by their in-house physician. These plans ensure a well-balanced intake of nutrients while effectively managing calorie intake, explains VeryWell Fit. Moreover, BistroMD goes beyond weight loss by catering to various medical conditions that require specialized diets. These include heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, celiac disease, and kidney disease.

Subscribers enjoy unlimited access to BistroMD’s team of dietitians. These experts provide assistance in meal selection and personalized support through one-on-one consultations. VeryWell Fit applauses their medically tailored meals, unlimited access to a team of dietitans, and the presence of an on-staff physician. However, a couple of drawbacks to consider are the absence of meal rotations and the presence of vague cooking instructions for some meals.

Blue Apron

Blue Apron is a highly regarded meal delivery kit that has garnered a loyal following for several compelling reasons. Notably, their meal plans cater to health-conscious individuals, with options that are diabetes-friendly and approved by WW (formerly Weight Watchers). This partnership allows them to include recipes with detailed information on the WW points associated with each meal, explains Women’s Health.

Additionally, Blue Apron has gained popularity among vegetarians and vegans due to their inclusion of several Beyond Meat entrees and a dedicated vegetarian meal plan. Each weekly box provides pre-portioned ingredients for either two or four servings, notes the source. This ensures you’re able to effortlessly cook nutritious meals for yourself or the entire family.


Sunbasket is a USDA-certified organic meal delivery service that provides a diverse selection of nutritious meal kits. It stands out as an excellent choice for individuals aiming to lose weight, says Healthline. This is because it offers menus that support healthy weight management, such as keto-friendly, Mediterranean, carb-conscious, and vegetarian plans.

You have the option to filter the online menu to focus on meals containing fewer than 600 calories, which is beneficial for those aiming to reduce their calorie intake. Detailed nutritional information is provided for each meal, and some options are compatible with nutrition tracking apps. Healthline also points out that Sunbasket includes breakfast options, lunch, and snack products.


Cook Unity brings together renowned chefs like Einat Admony and Esther Choi, alongside wellness experts, to create weight-loss-friendly recipes that are foolproof for even amateur cooks. In addition to their emphasis on weight loss, Women’s Health highlights their range of specialty diets.

Whether it’s to save time or just enjoy a healthy home cooked meal, Cook Unity is an excellent choice. You can expect beautifully crafted dishes such as salmon with avocado sauce and cucumber salsa, or a flavorful sesame ginger tofu poke bowl, notes the source. This is surely an upgrade for those work-from-home lunches!

Fresh N’ Lean

Fresh N Lean is the go-to for protein-rich meals with their impressive Protein + plan featuring dishes with 36 grams of protein and most under 500 calories. They offer a wide range of dietary options, including keto, Whole30, Mediterranean, paleo, vegan, and low-carb vegan. Good Housekeeping notes that their meals are quick to prepare and ready in under 10 minutes.

Plant-based eaters can enjoy the Vegan Low Carb meals. These provide approximately 300 calories, 13 grams of protein, 33 grams of carbs, and 11 grams of fat per serving. Simply choose a five-day or seven-day plan and select desired breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. The source also boasts about regular updates to their menu and readily available nutritional information.


Diet-To-Go focuses on supporting weight loss with a diverse selection of customizable meal plans to cater to various dietary needs and preferences. According to VeryWell Fit, they offer carb-controlled, low sodium, vegetarian, and seafood-free options. The plans are flexible, allowing easy pausing or switching, and their blog provides helpful tips and recipes.

Some notable highlights are pre-portioned meals, a range of low-calorie options, and the convenience of being ready in just two to three minutes. However, the drawbacks are a lack of information on recycling and user reports of a clunky website interface.

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