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Affordable Dog Food Brands Your Dog Will Love

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There are budget-friendly dog food brands available that offer quality and affordable food. From Diamond Naturals to Victor Pet Food, know that there are high-quality and affordable options available. Perform a search online today to learn more.

Diamond Naturals

Diamond Naturals is an excellent choice for dog owners looking to keep their pet’s food budget low without sacrificing quality. With prices from $1.18 per pound, it’s one of the more affordable options for those who want to feed their dog dry food while sticking to a budget. Diamond Naturals offers a variety of formulas that are made with real meat, including turkey, chicken, and salmon.

Taste of the Wild

Taste of the Wild is a great choice for owners looking to feed their puppy or adult dog on a budget, with their dry dog food starting at about $2.11 per pound. Not only is the first ingredient in every formula real meat, fish or fowl, but this brand uses unique proteins that are less common among popular dog food brands.

American Journey

American Journey’s dry dog food is grain-free, which is great because it may have a higher proportion of meat in them. The average price for this brand varies depending on the variety and size of bag you select, but their most affordable dry foods start at $2.30 per pound. There are plenty of kibble flavors they can enjoy such as salmon and sweet potato, brown rice and vegetables, beef and sweet potatoes, chicken, brown rice and vegetables, and lamb and sweet potato.

Dr. Tim’s Pet Foods

No matter your dog’s age or lifestyle, Dr. Tim’s has premium pet food to power them through the day. The foods are also free of antibiotics and hormones, contain fish-derived omega 3 fatty acids and veterinarian formulated. Chewy sells Dr. Tim’s starting from $2.66 per pound.

Victor Pet Food

Victor Pet Food believes that each ingredient in their food should serve a nutritional purpose, and their formulas are made with high-quality, locally sourced ingredients. Victor Pet Food offers a range of products for puppies, adult dogs, and senior dogs, ensuring that there is an option for every life stage, starting at $1.20 per pound.

Compare Dog Food Brands Online

To find the lowest dog food price and compare the nutritional value of various brands, do a search online. Once you’ve decided on the right brand, see if any websites offer coupons or promo codes to save extra money.

Make sure to speak with your pet’s veterinarian before switching them to a new food or special diet. Pet owners can keep their furry friend healthy while saving money with these budget-friendly dog food brands.

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